Keep the Story Alive!

A Man saved over 60'000 Jews From the holocaust. HE RISKED HIS LIFE when he tricked THE CRUEL PERSON BEHIND THE NAZI LOGISTICS. it was THE GREATEST CIVIL RESCUE OPERATION OF JEWS DURING THE second world war. 

This cannot be allowed to happen - Help us to KEEP HIS MEMORY ALIVE!


How we keep the story alive?

  • We produced a documentary film with 20 contemporary witnesses we have found so far. To spread out this incrediable story we have uploaded the film on Youtube to enable that everyone can watch this important historical happening for free.   
  • We created this platform to tell and share the story about Carl Lutz. More over, we like to publish hier all individual stories from this rescue operation. Every week a new story should be published on this platform!
  • Beside the film we created a videobook for tablets, which combines photos, video sequences, interactive graphics and articles with in-depth information. This videobook we will translate into English to enable that much more people have access to this app.
  • We will create a new app for smartphones with the same content as the videobook. 
  • With different social media channels we spread out the story and search for the related people.


HOWEVER, WE CANNOT ACHIEVE OUR GOAL WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT, INTEREST AND GENEROSITY! Every little support will help us to reach our goal and bring this remarkable story closer to the audience.


This project is a cooperation with Miriam Moschytz (..) and Docmine Production (Creative Studio)


Contemporary witnesses from film and videobook Carl Lutz