Creative Studio for
Visual Storytelling

DOCMINE is a creative studio based in MUNICH and ZURICH building a new content universe around true stories. With our product Videobooks, we are pioneers in an exciting new era of digital storytelling that merges video, images and text into one immersive storyline. 
Our origins are in documentary filmmaking and now we are taking our storytelling skills to the digital age.
Founded in 2008, DOCMINE has won over two dozen international awards, including the first German eBook Award. At the Storydrive conference at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014, DOCMINE was selected as «one of the most promising players of the year».

You can watch most of our documentaries online on our Video on Demand Channel.

Our videobooks have been featured by Apple in App Stores in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. The videobook «Carl Lutz – The forgotten Hero» was selected by Apple as «Best of App Store 2014».
DOCMINE emerged as a spin-off of Zurich based Condor Films, which won the Academy Award («Oscar») for Xavier Koller's «Journey of Hope». As a 50%-subsidiary, DOCMINE is united under the roof of Tom Talent Holding (Zurich) with the leading Swiss streaming App Teleboy, the portals cineman.ch and events.ch and the events Zurich Film Festival and Zermatt Unplugged.

Core Team

Our core teams in Zurich and Munich are dedicated to story development, design, structuring and production of media as well as the marketing of our products on digital channels.
To realize our visions and concepts we count on our global network of creative talents.


DOCMINE is a pioneer in the field of videobooks, which reinvents storytelling on the tablet. DOCMINE owns the platform Videobooks on the App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Surface as well as the domain www.videobooks.com