"The struggle for work"


For most people, work is the foundation of existence. While in wealthier countries, it’s all about climbing the social ladder and personal fulfillment, there are people in poor countries who are fighting for survival.

David Syz shows the unexpected aspects of unemployment. He visits illegal immigrants in Spain, who are trapped in their shacks made out of garbage (Chabolas) because desperate Spaniards are taking away their jobs in greenhouses. In South Korea, he dips into a society that is driven by achievement. Socially, you’re stamped off as a failure if you don’t find a job in one of the big corporations (Chaebols). Which price does society pay for its wealth?


Idea: David Syz
Director: Christian Neu
Producers: David Syz, Patrick M. Müller, Christian Neu
Director of Photography: Philippe Cordey
Editor: Felix Balke
Music: Sebastian Fillenberg
Production Manager: Ninetta Roggli
Production Coordination: Susanne Resch, Moira Rehsche

A film by ecodocs ag and DOCMINE


Preorder DVD for CHF 30.- | Release Early July 2015

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