Our forests. We are intrigued and frightened by it. We use, and enjoy it – and sometimes we are worried about our forrests. Once tamed and looted, the forests cover again a third of Switzerland. 
But how much space do we admit the forest in our modern? 
The film shows a rediscovery of an estimated, strange and sometimes wild friend, tells stories from the forest of impressive people in the forest. A journey through four seasons – narrated by Bruno Ganz.

Directed by: Heikko Böhm
Written by: Heikko Böhm

Production: DOCMINE Productions AG, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, SRG SSR, 3sat Zürich
Producer: Patrick M. Müller

Cinematography: Ralph Baetschmann
Editing: Dani Keller
Location Sound Mix: Patrick Becker
Sound Editing: Roman Bergamin
Sound Design: Roman Bergamin
Rerecording Sound Mix: Roman Bergamin
Music: Marcel Vaid